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New tour dates

(Dates in Finland, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, France, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic)

After a super busy summer I am sitting at home drinking café latte all alone. Its raining outside and they say the winds are the remains of the hurricane that was spanking the eastern coast of the US last week. I dont mind. I have a day off, ahhh ;)

Thousands of fans & people have approached us requesting a show in countries we never or barely visited. This is why after releasing our new album last spring I told our Tour Agent to take action in new countries in Europe. The shows in the new areas will be pretty small and intimate compared to the places we visited more often. And I love that! You can hear & smell everyone in the room and with these smaller clubs; the shows are always special in a different way.

Getting to play in new cities is always a challenge. Before people know you there, nobody wants to book you at their clubs. And without shows in the city, its hard to get the people to know you. We call this the Chicken Egg situation in Finland. Who comes first, Mister egg or Madam Chicken? We decided not to be Chicken ;)

What you see on our official website (www.sunriseave.com) is pretty much what our schedule looks like until the end of March. There are many plans for the summer and autumn of 2012 in these countries and some more. We have divided the October 2011 March 2012 tour in two sections because we need to fix some show and technical details a bit different for the spring. In some countries the venues are bigger than this year and we need Bigger stage stuff and in some the clubs are smaller and we will focus on our4selves and the crowd. ( Did I already mention that I love that ;). These changing facilities are a huge challenge for the crew but I am sure our tech boys will make it right. And its also a way to keep the tour fresh and exciting for us too since every night will be even more different than usually.

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A hot night in Linz, Austria
I was pretty nervous when we flew to Austria this morning because I was very sick with fever and all last week and it always takes a few days to recover fully. Theres nothing worse than a great audience when your body is just not ready for the action. I had a lot of medicine before the show and I also took a glass of whiskey on stage and some Vicks throat pastilles to make it through the night.

Now, after the show, I am sitting in my hotel room in the center of Linz and I am feeling very happy! What a great show again and what a great crowd!! It wasnt easy and it was a bit hard singing with the pastilles in my mouth, but it was more than worth the effort. I really dont know what has happened the last months but the shows just feel more and more relaxed every week. The highlight of the evening was the huge HOLLYWOOD sign the lovely girls in the first row lifted up in the beginning on Hollywood Hills. The letters were huge and I am sure it looked great on TV. They estimated the crowd size from 30.000 to 40.000 but anyway it was one of the greatest nights this summer!

Because of the early wakeup and my and Samis summer-flu-healing-process, we had to leave the back stage right away after the show, but we had a nice surprise at the hotel. Usually there are more girls than guys in our audience and also at the signing session, but this time it was only guys! A big crowd of guys from Romania had driven with their cars to see our show all the way to Austria. Great! Very nice people. I havent heard about a show being planned in Romania, but I just sent a message to our management & European tour agent to fix it if possible. Its been already 3 years since we visited the country last time.

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Its raining in Monk Bay
I dont know why I love sitting on this balcony when it rains. Maybe its my melancholic mind that feels calm when the weather is very dark and dramatic or something, but I just love the sound of rain. Actually tonight we have even thunders, so the night could not be more perfect!

We are back in business again after the summer holiday. Well, its still pretty easy with only one or two shows pre weekend, but its actually a good way to start the band life again with easy steps.

The summer has been super great! For the first time in our short history, every show has been super great and I just love the feeling and the mood in the band. Of course it helps when the radios are playing our songs as much as they do and many festival visitors know some words even from the new albums songs.

We had three weeks off. Well, there was one weekend in Germany with three festivals and one TV show in Finland but still that didnt spoil the holiday mood. It was the first time we had some real time off in the summer after we released the first album in 2006. This break was a very good opportunity to think about the band and everything that happened after and before releasing Out Of Style in March. As soon as the first single Hollywood Hills was released to the radios, I have been constantly on the road alone or with the guys and this holiday gave me a good chance to process my thoughts a bit. About what happened.

Before March 2011, I must say we were in a funny situation. The previous album didnt do that well and many professionals in the industry even said Sunrise Avenue is a one hit wonder that had the moment already. And I kind of understand their analysis. Why we felt different is of course the handful of people we consider our Inside team and most of all you people! I told some of the doubters last year that they should come see our shows and to check out how great and loyal the fans & supporters of Sunrise Avenue have been even though there was no massive chart success with the previous album. And we thought with the guys that ok, even if we never archive another massive hit together with our supporters, wed still love to keep on doing this circus together on a lower level.

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Suomi Finland Perkele!!!
(Only In Finnish)

Ajelin äsken kotiin Turusta Down By The Laituri-keikalta ja olo on maailman ihanin!!!! Okei, siihen auttaa myös tää raikas ja vähän viileämpi yö, jollaisia ei Munkkiniemessä ole vähään aikaan koettu. Vaikka ei lämpimästä kesästä oikein viitsi Suomalaisena valittaa

Olipahan aivan mahtava keikka!!! Lavalla oli niin kuuma että taju meinasi lähteä pariin otteeseen ja menin itse asiassa kerran kyykkyyn mikin taakse kun tuntui että silmissä sumenee. Mutta se oli sen arvoista. Pakko myöntää että suomessa usein yleisö ottaa meidät usein vähän eri tavalla kuin muualla, mutta eilisessä rokkiteltassa oli meno kuin Rock Am Ringillä konsanaan. Superia!! Ja viimeinkin mä pääsin vetämään mun suuren musiikki-idolini Märkä-Simon laineja omalle yleisölle. Oon odottanut mahdollisuutta ja eilen se unelma toteutui ;) Ulkomailla toi Jere&Villegallen biisi ei ole ihan yhtä iso hitti kuin täällä.

Me pidettiin just pari viikon loma ja oikeastaan ainoa asia mitä ollaan auringonoton ja uiskentelun lisäksi tehty oli Pitkä Kuuma Kesä Särkäniemessä viime viikolla Rikun kanssa ja nyt siis Turun keikka. Mua skidisti harmittaa että nää olivat suomen ainoat vedot kesällä toukokuisten Veikkausfestarien ja Helsinkipäivän lisäksi, mutta toivotaan että ensi kesänä olisi sitten enemmän. Ja vaikka nokkela toimittaja kirjoitti Iltasanomissa alkukesästä että meille ei riitä suomen keikkapalkkiot ja aikaiset esiintymisajat, niin kyllä meitä kovasti täällä kotomaassa kutkuttaisi esiintyä. Hassua on että juuri kun tuon haastattelun annoin, olimme soittaneet juuri keskellä päivää ilmaiseksi. Mitkä palkkiot???? Kai se repivä otsikko pitää tehdä vaikka väkisin.

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Eins Zwei Poli Zei
We had one of the coolest rides today in Austria from Graz to Linz. First our car broke down TWICE and as they gave up with that Opel minivan, we were already very late from the schedule. We got a taxi from Graz finally after waiting at a gas station for an hour and all seemed to be fine since we had two hours for the last 113 kilometers.

When we had 26 kilometers to go, they had to organize the police to escort us (in a CAB!!!) to the festival because of the huge traffic jam. We had been standing still for 30 minutes and without the cops, we would not have made it. We were nearly killed as the motorcycle cop drove super fast in front of us and our drives was trying to hang in. It was only a matter of seconds us hitting this big timber truck and I must say we were totally stressed as we arrived at the back stage. Of course its important to arrive in time, but maybe we can skip a song or two to stay alive.

We had 3 minutes to prepare ourselves before the show, but because of the GREAT Austrian crowd again, the evening was just great!!

Now we are sitting at the hotel in Linz ready for a late checkout tomorrow to Germany. Thank you again Austria and the Austrian Police for a great experience ;)

Well be back in Linz in August,


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