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I am feeling a little out of tune after the long birthday dinner last night. It wasnt that late, but after working pretty long days the last 3 weeks; I really dont feel like a princess today. More like a frog. But if you kiss this one, a prince wont appear just a tired Dr. Haber. But it was worth it ;)


Thank you everyone for making my birthday so nice. I was actually a bit sad when I read in the promotion program that Ill be pretty much alone on my big evening. But the Radio stations and lovely fans / friends made it very very special. I dont think I ever got this many presents and I had my room full of them last night. And thank you Intercontinental Köln for the superior suite for my B-day. Nice surprise. I slept so well ;)


So I had so many bottles of wine, some very good ones (!!), Jägermeister, whiskey, beer, cakes, clothes, a dancing duck and a lot of little toys we will enjoy wit the boys. Thank you all so very much.


We had a dinner at a great Spanish restaurant called Pepe (how original;) downtown Cologne (Can warmly recommend) together with our / my product manager Daniel and my friend Julia also joined us. It wasnt a good idea to mix Kölsch beer, wine and Amaretto. That is what brought the headache. We ended up driving in her Smartfor2 three people inside and I am happy the Polizei didn5t see us ;)


It was a super nice week! When I flew down one week ago, I looked at the schedule and was a bit worried how hard it will feel after some days. I gotta say, especially now that we agreed to leave some time for sports / gym every second day, its been super nice. And even the promoters get to sweat with me at the hotel gyms ;) The best gym so far has been at East Hotel Hamburg, my absolute favorite. They give you strawberry smoothies when you work out and the place is super cool!


I am flying to Vienna Austria now and Riku will also join me there later tonight. So far I have been alone apart from one morning TV show in Cologne, where Riku flew in just to support my wakeup ;) Again they said at the check in at the airport that its a huge problem taking my guitar in the plane. Its always the same mess. They claimed that its too big and it wouldnt fit in the lockers. I tried to tell them that it does fit and that I have done this a 1000 times, but no. They had this nanny especially for me checking that nothing bad happens. I walked in the plane as usual and put my guitar up and sat down. She said oops and walked away. As always. Its cool how they start panicking every time ;)


Next week we also go to Switzerland and then back to Germany for the Frankfurt music expo. We also play a full show there! I also heard about some great news from new Sunrise Avenue countries where we will actually be heading already in may. Jeeee ;)


I am so super happy with the first results with the album, single and ticket sales and of course the air play. I heard that in Germany only, they play around 1500 times of Hollywood Hills every week. Crazy And my apologies to the ones who dont like the song;)


The tour start gets closer every day and I just cant wait. I guess there are tickets only for two shows left, and not too many even in those cities. I think the good response will encourage us to book another round in SEP-DEC this year. A longer and a bigger one ;)


So, have a great Sunday everyone and enjoy the sun just like me here in Vienna. It started raining in Cologne as I left, but still after the long and cold winter even a 15-degree nice spring rain feels so damn great!


I will take a nap now, well land soon and I have to look tired so Riku knows that I have been working my ass of for us.


Thank you all again for yesterday & the whole week and see you very soon!




PS: Norosella taitaa pannu keittää. IFK <3

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