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Stockholm Syndrome.
I just got back home from a promotion trip to Sweden and I am eating the most delicious chicken pasta in the world. Our flight was delayed in Stockholm for an hour and all the rumors started spreading about the dust cloud from Iceland being already here and I started thinking about booking a hotel room at the Hilton airport, as I have done a few times before with some flight problems. But we got home this time.

The bad thing about the new volcano dust issue is, that the festival season starts next weekend and I really dont wanna end up cancelling any of them because a mountain somewhere. But we keep our fingers crossed

It was great being in Stockholm with the band after a long break. With our new album, we are signed to Universal music outside the German speaking part of Europe and I must say the first moments and sessions with our new partner have been really really great everywhere. Its great to have also the worlds biggest label working with us and they seem to know what theyre doing. Of course nobody is expecting any miracles anywhere and we all know how hard it is to break a band in a new country, but we believe that with the new setup we can make shows and stuff happening in new places soon.

Actually yesterday we filmed a short clip for the show we will have in Belgium next month and everyone says the Q-show show hosted by Q music is one of the coolest you can do over there. First time in Belgium for us. Jeeee ;)

In Sweden things looked very good now as well. After doing pretty many shows and festivals in 2007 and selling gold with Fairytale gone bad, the only trips to Sweden have been to studios & song writing sessions. Now we had a chance to perform at Swedens biggest radio station Rix FMs city festival in Stockholm and I guess well do another one later this year. Well also try to get a club show there on tour in the fall. Our new UNI team has done a good job!

Stockholm is so nice. I remember when I was 15 or something we went over there with my friends to see the pretty girls over there and to buy cooler clothes than what was available in Helsinki. Shopping is still very good in Stockholm and I was barely able to close my suit case this evening We have always been a bit jealous to the Swedes, they usually win us in all the sports, especially ice hockey (apart from this years finals;) and they have all the cool brands from Ikea to H&M compared to our very few success stories. And of course they have been ruling the European music scene with all their artists and international contacts for decades.

We stayed at the Nobis Hotel at Norrmalmstorg, my new favorite hotel in Stockholm and we heard that the expression Stockholm syndrome comes from that very building. The hotel used to be a bank back in the days and they had a hostage situation in 1973. I guess its this session where the people held by the bank robbers start feeling sympathy for the bad guys. And I thought that its called Helsinki syndrome So they even invented the syndrome ;)

The festival season starts this week and we are so waiting for the moment we can jump on stage to play and sing with you all. I hope the weatherman will be kind to us. And if it rains it rains. We will still have shelter from the rain on stage, poor you ;) I am sure its gonna be great!!

Sleep well everyone and see you very soon,


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