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Thank You Estonia!
I just came home feeling a little bit tired after sleeping 3,5 hours last night in Tallinn after the show and the after party. But I feel good ;)

We have been to our southern neighbor Estonia only once before and that trip was about the Estonian music awards last winter and then we only performed 2 songs. Actually that was the 1st time we performed Hollywood Hills ever. Of course the TV shows are always a lot of fun but we have been really waiting for a chance to play our full show in Tallinn too.

We didnt know what to expect from the club and the audience and as we were treated so great by the listeners every night on our tour in Central Europe just a few weeks ago, we agreed not to expect too much. Especially since it was the first visit over there.

The show last night was a showcase arranged by Universal Music Baltics and we performed together with a very cool and progressive rock band from Finland, The Von Hertzen Brothers. These guys have played in the legendary Finnish bands the last 15 years and I have huge respect for them. Now they have released albums on their own and they have some pretty cool stuff. Just go check them out.

The night was awesome! The club Rock Café was built into this old industrial building and had this cool vibe combining the old and the new. Everyone was super professional and the audience was just super amazing. It feels so good when you play your first show in a new country and you dont expect much and then they surprise you just like we were surprised last night. Thank you so much everyone and hope to see you all soon at the Estonian Rabarock festival next month!!!

The von Hertzen guys are very cool and their music is way more credible than ours and there has always been this communication barrier between us since we represent different music styles. I am very happy we tare down the genre walls last night and I gotta say the guys were really great. Both on stage and also behind it. And we had a great night out together with all the music & entertainment industry folks from the North. And Saaga Vodka as usual;)

Its been very great chilling out for a while after the 11-week promotion & tour period and suddenly the summer has arrived in Helsinki too. There are still a few weeks until we start the festival season and there are some very very great slots this summer for us. Just check the website for details. I know that there will be more than they have announced yet. They give the information on some of the shows closer to the date. Thats a marketing / promotion plan or something ;)

Tonight is all about my sofa, some good food and beer and the FIN-RUS semifinal ice hockey game. In 30 minutes actually. Sweden just won their semifinal, so theyre gonna be waiting for us on Sunday playing for the brightest glory this year. But Russia is a very very big challange and I am crossing all my fingers soon. You can do it too if you wanna help ;)

Thank you all very much and see you very soon.


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